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Aug 7, 2010

New Life

5th of August, everything was normal at the doc's control, and i have a feeling that every little thing is gonna be awesome.Thats why i decided to enjoy my life a little bit for the next coming 3 weeks.I ll take my vacation one week later to head Athabascan river for camping, its gonna be awesome too, with lots of friends, no alcohol tho, it sucks but worthed for my little one. And after i gained my energy back a little bit i decided to work on new sewing projects for us and the new coming one...At least i can organize the room which we are gonna share with the little, so that i can be with him/her while she/he sleeping.I am soooooo excited, actually started to get excited, i think my hubby is getting excited too, i can feel that.So what should i say "be ready for the new projects..."


sevi said...

I can't believe that I'm going to be an aunt!!! Yaaayyy!!! :))

philosophique said...

Tebrikler Mecda!!!!


yehhahhhhaaa: )))

my dear, I'm so so happy .A new life is waiting for u. Everything will be different, believe me.: ))

Miss u ...we are planning a visit there, later of course. Ada needs a little more time. : )


Mecda said...

I am really so excited...Im looking forward to see you here,visiting Halem...